12 Different Types Of Hugs And Their Meaning

Hugs are a vital form of physical interaction that humans need from the moment they are born until the end of their lives. People use different types of hugs because they depict different meanings. Hugs can be a sign of romantic affection, comfort, emotional support, friendship, or love, depending on the type. Hugging brings people together and makes them feel good. It has a beneficial impact on people’s health as well. It will help you feel less anxious and like you belong somewhere.

Hugs are very common, but they’re also very complex. The manner in which you hug will reveal a lot about the type of relationship you have. Most hugs are loving gestures from a special individual, but if you don’t read the subtext, they can be misinterpreted. Now you can find out exactly what the different types of hugs are and their meaning with what they say about your relationship with the person.

Types Of Hugs And Their Meaning

Here is a list of different types of hugs and their meaning, to help you figure out what each one means and how to proceed in a relationship.

1. The Side Hug

side hug

A side hug is when two people embrace each other and, their arms are wrapped around the other person’s waist or shoulder. They usually stand side by side, with one using the left arm and the other the right. The side hug is less intimate and mostly shared between friends. It is more relaxed and also showcases that you are in a good mood. Since it’s more approachable and suitable for people who aren’t really close, this hug is more common among acquaintances.

2. A Tight Hug

  a tight hug

A tight hug is a full-body, warm embrace in which you wrap your arms completely around your loved one. An extra squish strengthens your relationship with the other person. This form of hug is most common in emotional circumstances when you don’t have enough words to express yourself, such as when you meet someone for the first time in a long time or when you say your goodbyes.

3. A hug from behind

A hug from behind

This is the third type of hug I have on my list. You’re busy cooking or cleaning up in the kitchen when your guy appears from behind and wraps his arms around you. He is hugging you from behind, protecting you while drawing you closer to him and making you feel wanted. This man is eager to defend you and is unafraid of taking on responsibility. A man who holds you like this is in love, even though he hasn’t said it yet.

4. the bear hug

The bear hug

There are different types of hugs, but the bear hug is the best in the world. This demonstrates the closeness of two people.  Both partners hug each other tightly as they’ve never hugged each other before and sometimes one party ends up lifting the other.  This happens when two people are completely at ease with each other and are sufficiently similar. This happens when two people are completely comfortable with each other and are generally close. This is a hug with a big squeeze. She just wants to keep holding you and never let you go with deep love and no pretenses at the moment. When you’re really close to her, she gives you this hug. She doesn’t even mind if the embrace ruins her dress. She simply expresses her emotions through a close bear hug.

5. The long hug

the long hug

This is another intimate type of hug. If you’ve ever got a hug like this, I’m sure you felt safe and good. This is the hug you get when people want to tell you how much they miss you and how secure they feel in your arms. It’s also common in long-term relationships and among close friends.

It’s an intimate hug that’s only offered to people who have deep feelings for each other.  They may want to inform you that they need help in this manner. If your partner gives you this kind of hug, it means he really cares for you and is delighted to have you in his life.  If he makes eye contact while hugging you, you can be positive that his love is genuine.

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6. The straddle hug

The straddle hug

The straddle hug is a full-body close embrace with intense eye contact that is commonly shared between romantic partners. The hug is a private and personal gesture that often has a sexual overtone. The hug shows the two people’s strong physical bond and mutual confidence.

Usually, girls offer this type of hug to men, and in doing so, they expose themselves completely. To give someone this kind of hug, you must have a lot of trust in them, so think twice before you do it.

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7. Hips Out Hug

hip out hug

This is a hug in which the two of you meet each other’s upper bodies but keep the hips apart. While it seems odd in pictures, it is actually a very normal and common thing to do when meeting someone for the first time.  You want to demonstrate that you’re polite and interested in making contact, but you don’t want to get too intimate. You don’t want to show yourself too much.

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8. The hug at the waist

The hug at the waist

Even if the man hasn’t told you about his feelings, this embrace says it all. This embrace is an intimate one, indicating that he wants to spend as much time with you as possible. He has confidence in you and is pleased to see you.

9. The self hug

The self hug

Although almost all hugs include two or more people, you can certainly hug yourself. Self-love is a valuable asset to possess. If no one else is around to give you a hug on days when you need to feel better, you should give yourself a hug. Simply wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a gentle squeeze. Remind yourself just how unique and special you are. You are loved.

10. The friendly hug

friendly hug

A typical two-armed hug with both people’s chests touching is known as a friendly hug. In most cases, we switch our pelvises away from each other rather than closer together. The extra space between the two pelvises prevents something from being misinterpreted as sexual or romantic. Unless you haven’t seen each other in a long time, these hugs are usually brief.

11. Polite hug

 polite hug

It is a formal hug that is given at meetings, conferences, parties, and other special occasions. It’s just a quick hug from anyone to demonstrate courtesy and to uphold social etiquette. This is just for the sake of hugging, nothing else. It’s a hug in which he or she wraps his or her arms around you but doesn’t touch you.  If you’re out on a date with anyone and they give you a polite hug, it’s a sign they are not interested in you and doesn’t want to see you again. As a result, a polite hug is simply a simple, formal hug, such as a hello hug. The surprising part is that it all ends with a wide smile.

12. Heart to heart hug

heart to heart hug

Both huggers approach the embrace from their left sides, so their hearts touch first in a heart-to-heart hug. This can be achieved whether standing or sitting. Your arms and legs can get entwined while you’re sitting. Most people hug from the right side unconsciously because it is more defensive and further away from the core. It’s intimate if you enter from the left side.” This is a wonderful hug for couples who want to get together. Heart-to-heart hugs are often helpful for people who don’t normally hug but want to appease a loved one who enjoys physical contact or uses physical touch as a form of communication.

Hugging has been shown to improve overall health and well-being, even in people who aren’t naturally attracted to physical contact. The right type of hug varies depending on the type of relationship you’re in, your level of satisfaction, and your purpose. Hence, the need to know the different types of hugs and their meaning.

I would love to hear about your favorite types of hugs including their meaning, whether you’re a hugger or not, as well as any hugs you’re familiar with that I didn’t include in this post.

Please let me know what you think in the comments section below. I’d love to learn all about your favorite hugs!


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